Nexans Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR)

Contingency solutions and cable system management

Major electricity transfer lines can suffer from outages for as long as a year without a proper contingency plan. Sourcing the right experts with availability to fix the problem can be time-consuming and lead to economical loss, while complex engineering and judicial processes block the road to a repair. 

Nexans has the expertise, dedicated people and assets to deal with the unexpected.

Keep risk to a minimum with Nexans IMR

A Nexans IMR agreement not only reduces failure risk to cable systems through proactive inspection and maintenance, but also increases efficiency when dealing with unexpected incidents.
We will make sure you are prepared for the unexpected and able to effectively reduce the response time to a cable failure.

“ Up to 70% time saved with preparedness plan ”

A proven track record in cable repair

Nexans has a long track record within cable repairs all over the world including Asia, Africa, Europe and the North Sea region. During the last 40 years, Nexans has successfully installed over 50 offshore repair joints after external damages on HV submarine cables, often performed in harsh weather conditions.

Questions about IMR?

We help you to mitigate cable failure risk by performing regular inspections and maintenance of your systems. We perform land and subsea inspections also including scheduled offshore surveys and maintenance of the protection levels.

For IMR inquiries, please contact IMR Department Manager Anders Glende.


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