Installation capabilities

State-of-the-art vessels and assets

Set for the future

Nexans is developing a fleet of the world's most advanced cable-laying vessels. They can perform complex cable installation operations in all water depths, from shallow to deep, to connect offshore wind farms as well as interconnecting islands, countries, and continents.

The current fleet is made up of the C/S Skagerrak, Polar king and the barges UR141 and EB32. And this is set to grow with a new state-of-the-art vessel - CLV Nexans Aurora.

CLV Nexans Aurora

CLV Nexans Aurora, the newest addition to the fleet, is part of Nexans’ recently announced initiative to reinforce its manufacturing and installation capacities to meet the growing demand for high voltage (HV) cabling systems - particularly those for interconnectors and offshore wind projects worldwide. It has the ability to operate even in the most severe of weather conditions and has a 10 000-tons capacity turntable. The laying equipment allows it to perform complex installation operations of flexible products, including power cables and umbilicals, in shallow and deep water.

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C/S Nexans Skagerrak

The current pride of the fleet is the C/S Nexans Skagerrak, one of the world’s most advanced cable-laying vessels, with a 7,000 tons capacity turntable, a state-of-the-art dynamic positioning system, touchdown monitoring ROV and Capject trencher. During the years, this cable-laying vessel has installed the longest and deepest cable links around the world, most recently the Monita link between Montenegro and Italy and the NordLink between Norway and Germany. The vessel is also capable of performing both deep water and shallow water repairs of the installed power cable links and can deploy Nexans’ Capjet trenching system for protection. There are multiple examples of the C/S Nexans Skagerrak in repair actions like the repairs of damages to the 400 kV HVAC submarine cables across the Strait of Gibraltar and the 450 kV HVDC cable between Norway and the Netherlands.


The barges in the Nexans fleet are the EB 32 and the UR141 which are used to store, transport and lay large high voltage cables, umbilicals, and flowlines. The EB32has a twin 2,600 + 2000 -tons turntable capacity and has the ability to handle additional laying equipment. The UR141 has a 7000 tons turntable for storage, transport, and repair.

Capjet Trenching Systems

The innovative and bespoke Capjet trenching systems have been developed to provide an efficient solution for the protection of subsea cables and pipelines based on the water jetting principle. The Capjet is a deep-water, remote-controlled high power water-jet trenching system and since its introduction has buried more than 8,000 km of cables, umbilicals, and pipelines. Nexans owns and operates three Capjets systems that can be easily transported and mobilized on board a vessel of opportunity.

A robust and flexible fleet

The whole Nexans fleet provides a robust and flexible base to support its IMR (Inspection Maintenance and Repair) Services. The mobilization of a suitable vessel for repair operation can be realized within a short time after a cable fault location has been detected. This level of commitment positions Nexans as one of the few actors able to provide a full contingency service covering the onshore and offshore part of a transmission link.

Each vessel and technology in the fleet is helping Nexans to bring more clean energy to the world.



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