Oil, Gas & Chemicals projects: 5 key criteria for choosing the right cabling solution

Julien TRUFLANDIER Oct 10, 2019

5 keys things to success in cabling solutions for Oil, gas and Chemicals projects

Nexans'solutions for oil and gas downstream projects

Although cables are not visible, cables plays a vital role in the safety and performance of the installations. Their performance depends on multiple criteria such as: their function, their resistance, their type of installation, and their fire performance

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5 must-have features of the right cable solution for an Oil & Gas project

1. Choose cables designed to your specifications
All cables aren’t made equal. Depending on your needs foroperational, electrical, mechanical, temperature, fire safety, humidity, sun performance you should choose a specific set of cables. To find the right balance between efficiency, risk mitigation and cost-effectiveness, cable experts analyse a set of different parameters, including temperature range of the site, fire risks, average local humidity and rainfall, average local rates of sunshine as well as any other potential sources of risk or damage. These parameters should then be translated into relevant cable specifications.

2. Make sure your cable gland, terminations, junctions are compatible with your cables
The compatibility of cables with all their associated accessories is critical for the reliability, and  of Oil, Gas and Chemical installations. Parameters such as the site’s environment, installation condition and type of cable must be factored in when choosing cable accessories. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to seek expert advice or opt for a cable manufacturer able to provide you the right accessory associated.
3. Be fully compliant
Complete compliance with national and international norms and standards is mandatory. When it comes to training your on-site teams, contract a qualified third party that will help you ensure that your staff is fully operational. Furthermore, it is important to get an independent party to certify the compliance of your installation with applicable norms.

4. Keep your site running at its best
Once your Oil, Gas and Chemical installation is commissioned, make sure it operates as smoothly, safely and efficiently as possible. This also applies to cable management (including cables and accessories inspection audits and preventive maintenance) and post-project follow up (such as long-term management of spare parts and safety stock).

5. Think about product global impact
From choosing products with lower carbon footprint to committing to solutions that are safer for people and the environment to recycling left-over and end-of-life cables, there are many ways in which you can make your O&G and Chemicals installation more sustainable. For instance, Nexans HYPRON® cable technology offers a lead-free alternative to traditional lead-sheathed cables with a complete set of accessories for connectivity while Nexans Services & Solutions offer a cable recycling service that covers everything, till from cable collection and transport to grinding and recycling.

To support customers and partners make the right cable choices and manage every step of their Oil, Gas and Chemical projects, Nexans launched a complete Oil & Gas Solutions and Services offer. Download the brochure to find out more. 

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Julien TRUFLANDIER has been Oil, Gas & Chemical Global Product Manager since 2015, he supports the teams to set up technical solutions for industrial projects all over the world and is the central contact with key Customers. Julien has ten years’ experience in the cable industry. He started his career within Nexans Technical Department in 2008 as project manager dealing with the European REACh regulation. He took over the team and developed safety awareness and documentation by implementing Safety Data Sheets for Nexans compounds and ensured the development of the Nexans Tracker tool in our eCatalogue. He moved as Supplier Management Manager and was in charge of Sustainable purchasing until 2015.

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