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  • Services & Solutions

    Bram Alkema Dec 1, 2020

    Winning the War on Waste

    Up to 15% of the electricity that enters distribution networks never reaches its destination. Could “digital twin” technology help to reduce the losses?

  • Services & Solutions

    Jérôme Fournier Oct 23, 2020

    How Can Electricity Grids Benefit from Digital Twin Technology?

    More and more companies are turning to “digital twin” technology in the search for value. But what exactly is a digital twin? And how can this technology help power utilities to get the most out of their investments?

  • Energy

    Ragnhild Katteland Oct 19, 2020

    U.S. must act quickly to grab the offshore wind opportunity before it blows away to other countries

    The offshore wind industry is poised to bring 83,000 potential jobs, billions of dollars to our economy and transform the U.S. into a country based on independent, renewable energy. We could improve both our economy and our clean energy mix. But we must act quickly.

  • Services & Solutions

    Bram Alkema Sep 23, 2020

    Mission to explain

    The energy transition creates opportunities for DSOs – but it also means greater grid complexity. How can DSOs calculate where and when to invest? And how can they collaborate more easily with stakeholders? “Digital twin” technology could hold the key.

  • Services & Solutions

    Bram Alkema Aug 11, 2020

    Power to the People

    New patterns of power consumption and generation are reshaping the way electricity distribution networks are used. What does this mean for DSOs?

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