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  • Energy

    Julien TRUFLANDIER Oct 10, 2019

    Oil, Gas & Chemicals projects: 5 key criteria for choosing the right cabling solution

    In the context of growing concern regarding the future of fossil fuels and ongoing commodity price fluctuations, cost control and optimization remain crucial for the Oil, Gas and Chemical industry

  • Mobility

    Benoit Binet Oct 7, 2019

    Say hello to the Plug and Play railway

    Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) techniques could revolutionise the delivery of new railways (and upgrades of existing ones). From a cabling perspective, that could include precision cutting of cables for the customer and the integration of cable accessories in the factory, instead of on site. The prize is faster, safer delivery – with optimum precision?

  • Energy

    Bjørn Sanden Sep 30, 2019

    The King of long distance

    For decades, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) mass impregnated (MI) cables have been the preferred solution for long-distance subsea power transmission

  • Mobility

    Benoit Binet Sep 9, 2019

    How do you build a new railway network? (without bringing the city to a standstill)

    Building a brand new railway in a city is like performing open heart surgery while the patient is running a marathon. How can disruption be minimised?

  • Telecom and Data

    Mike Connaughton, RCDD, CDCD Sep 2, 2019

    Building data centres better and faster with Nexans’ Optical Fibre Assembly service

    Today, some data centres can be built in just 6-9 months – compared to 12-18 months only a few years ago. The reason is simple: if you are running an IT, telecom or a digital business where physical infrastructure is critical for core operations, whenever it’s not working, you lose money and maybe even customers. To support our clients in this race for speed and efficiency, Nexans developed an Optical Fibre Assembly Service that allows data centres to get up and running faster and smoother than ever before.

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