Repair joints


J3RRUMP-RF-RSM-24-95/240 Al/Cu

Nexans ref. 62767E - Country ref. Codet Enedis : 67 90 726

  • Packaging: Kit (3Unit)


J3RRUP-RF-RSM-24-95/240 Al/Cu

Nexans ref. 62768E - Country ref. Codet Enedis : 67 90 725

  • Packaging: Kit


JRRTMP-RF-RSM-24-95/240 Al/Cu

Nexans ref. 62766E - Country ref. Codet Enedis : 67 90 727

  • Packaging: Kit





  • International
    HD 629.1 S2
  • National
    C 33-050

Features & Benefits

The combination of cold-shrink technology and bolted connectors for a simpler and faster mounting.


This accessory is provided for repairing a joint of a synthetic or paper insulated cable, voltage 12/20 (24) kV, complying with standards C 33-226, NF/UTE C 33-223 and NF C 33-220.


The accessory consists of a set of two joints, to which is added a sealed braiding system.
It can be used with aluminium or copper core cables, for section from 70mm² (paper insulated cables) and 95mm² (synthetic insulated cables) to 240 mm² (both).




Selling & delivery Information

Each package contains 2 kits according to the kind of insulation of the cables to connect, and 3 synthetic insulated cables of 1,5 m each (prepared and ready to be assembled). The mechanical connectors are also included.

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