Energy Forward: The Path to a Sustainable Future

Nexans hosts a round table to discuss a critical puzzle piece – a new vision for America’s Electrical Grid.

While most Americans understand the need for more wind and solar power, very few are discussing a critical component in our clean energy transition: we have less than 10 years to make sure America’s antiquated power grid can handle the shift to renewables.

“ We are at the beginning of the huge electrical revolution. Because electrification is the only way for carbon neutrality. ”

Christopher Guerin

CEO of Nexans

“ We need to connect the parts of the country with the best renewable resources to the parts of the country with the greatest demand. ”

Greg Wetstone

President & CEO of American Council on Renewable Energy

“ It's an investment not only in the aging infrastructure but also an opportunity to build a grid that is resilient from the effects of climate change that we all deal with each and every year. ”

Doreen Haris

President & CEO of NY State Energy Research and Development Authority


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