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5G Indoor cable SxTP

1 avr. 2019
Building and territories

Building and territories

Environment and market trends

Wireless networks are booming worldwide and Wifi is driving Cat.6A cable demand for structured cabling. In the meantime, mobile data traffic is booming, with more and more indoors applications. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concepts are widely spread, requiring better mobile infrastructure.

5G technology will be used for smartphone application, but not only; applications like IoT, Building Automation and industrial automation will require a very dense mobile coverage. Statistics show 80% of 4G mobile services take place indoors. Considering the diversified 5G mobile services and expanded mobile industry boundary, this figure will increase to 85%. Therefore, the quality of indoor network will be the core competitive edge of mobile operators in 5G era. 

5G mobile network use C-band (3300-4200 and 4400-5000 MHz) and mmWave (30-300GHz) that are on much higher frequency bands than 2G, 3G, and 4G counterparts. Higher frequency bands lead to greater link losses. For example, outdoor signals on the C band will be subject to an 8 to 13 dB link loss when penetrating through one concrete wall.

The signals on the higher mmWave band will experience difficulty in penetrating through a wall as the link loss exceeds 60 dB. It is a considerable challenge for outdoor 5G macro signals to cover indoor areas and dedicated network will be required for indoor environments. 5G dedicated network for indoor settings must be built in parallel with outdoor 5G network to meet the potentially huge bandwidth demand while ensuring superb 5G services.

5G indoor networks must support a peak data rate of 20 Gbit/s and a traffic density of 10 Mbit/s per square meter. This requires 5G indoor networks to provide a bandwidth of at least 100 MHz. 5G networks must support high-frequency bands (such as C-band and mmWave bands) to achieve maximal spectrum efficiency through large-scale MIMO deployments. Networks must on average deliver speeds exceeding 100 Mbit/s among terminals. With passive antennas, these requirements cannot be adequately met. The solution involves the use of active antenna head ends on indoor distributed networks to help realize massive MIMO and E2E networking that includes high and low frequencies.

Traditionally, indoor coverage has been provided through distributed antenna systems (DAS). But DAS doesn't play well in a 5G world. As it doesn't support bands of 3.5GHz or higher frequencies in 5G, moreover it's too complex to maintain for 5G networks. It's also expensive for operators that have to provide base stations at each site, as well as connectivity back to their core network. 

In most of the cases, copper LAN cables are good enough to cover distances in the range of 100m. When the distance between the BBU and the pico cell exceeds 100m a repeater (RHUB, aggregator,…) is used addressing configurations up to 200m. Above 200m, fiber optic cables shall be used. When using copper LAN cable, the pRRU is energized by the Cat cable using POE++ (Power Over Ethernet), making the installation simpler and faster. 

Good Cat.6A cable is then a must to support the 5G signal. With more and more 5G indoor antennas energized indoor, the Cat.6A cable will be installed in a large bundle, where the heat generated by the 100 Watts of each POE++ port must be dissipated. Nexans Cat.6A S/FTP and SxTP® are specifically designed to meet 10Gbps data rate and POE++ heat generation challenges. IEEE 802.3 and ISO/IEC 11801 standardization groups have integrated in the recent standard releases technical recommendation regarding cable bundle sizes and heat dissipation limit values.


80 %

of 4G mobile services take place indoors

85 %

estimation of mobile services indoors with 5G

60 bD

link loss when penetrating through a wall

5G SxTP® Product description and advantages

Nexans SxTP® cable has been specifically designed to address 5G indoor challenges and technical specifications: high data rate transmission capability combined with easy installation and power distribution with a great heat dissipation factor.

Key advantages:

  • 5G compatible: 500MHz – 10Gbps;
  • Tinned copper braid 80% coverage for mechanical strength (tensile force: 450N), EMC and heat dissipation;
  • ALU/PET foil with 22% more ALU vs a classical F/FTP cable, for a better heat dissipation;
  • Direct connection with field terminable RJ45 plugs for solid wires and/or RJ45 jacks: reduction of installation time and less attenuation;
  • Designed for Power over Ethernet POE IEEE 802.3bt
  • SxTP® ONE SCREEN® patented technology to improve heat dissipation and reduce installation time by 30%;
  • CPR qualified Dca and Cca.

SxTP® cable terminated with Nexans Field terminable RJ45 plug is the perfect match for indoor 5G infrastructure. Installers will quickly and safely install direct attached such transmission links, providing end users the best 5G experience.

Nexans product range: a complete range to address all environments

  • Indoor Dca CPR rated for low/medium fire hazard environments;
  • Indoor Cca CPR rated for high fire hazard environments;
  • Indoor/Outdoor Eca CPR rated for specific cases (rooftop, façade, inner courtyard…).

Go to the product datasheet of the 5G SxTP product range

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