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About the project

The Åsgard oil and gas field is located in the Norwegian Sea approximately 200km off the coast of mid Norway and delivers around 28 billion cubic metres of gas and 14 million barrels of condensate, which is equal to 220 million barrels of oil equivalents.

The Åsgard oil and gas field comprises: Åsgard A, a Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel; Åsgard B, a floating semi-submersible gas production platform; and the Åsgard C Vessel, which is used to store gas condensate (light oil).

The Midgard and Mikkel subsea fields are tied back to Åsgard B. They are losing the pressure required to pipe their well streams back to the floating semi-submersible gas production platform, Åsgard B. Statoil plans to use a subsea gas compression system to help recover the remaining reserves from these fields.

Nexans' solution

Nexans designed, manufactured and supplied a total of 165 km of static and dynamic power umbilical and power cables, as well as necessary accessories.

The power umbilicals, pioneered by Nexans, integrates the functions of power cables and umbilicals in a single cable, enabling a high-voltage (HV) supply to be provided for deepwater projects. The power umbilical includes a number of steel tubes as well as fiber-optic elements, signal cables for control and monitoring as well as insulated power cores, all being supplied from Nexans’ own factories. By eliminating the need to transport and install separate power and control umbilicals, the power umbilical significantly reduces transportation and installation costs.


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