The Nexans Foundation and Electricians without Borders (ESF) : a long-serving partnership

ESFThe recent major weather events in the Caribbean were the opportunity to speak about Electricians Without Borders (Electriciens sans Frontières).  

For 30 years, Electriciens Sans Frontières has worked tirelessly to reduce the inequalities of access to energy in the world; 30 years of action to meet the vital needs of the poor, helping to cover many essential needs for life: access to electricity and water. Three actions with local population: through development projects, in situations of humanitarian disaster and in case of emergency and post-emergency alongside other actors of international solidarity.

Since 2013, every year the Nexans Foundation supports ESF; 11 projects were realized in 10 countries, thanks to this long-serving partnership.

The Nexans Foundation and Electricians without Borders (ESF)
©Electriciens Sans Frontières, Jean-Baptiste Baldi

Act 1: Electriciens sans Frontières: an emergency response in Saint-Martin in September
Last September, Hurricane Irma left several Caribbean islands totally devastated, without electricity, without telecommunications, with all the problems of drinking water supply or safety inherent in these situations of chaos.
Thanks to loyal partnerships with several large companies in the electricity sector, Electriciens sans Frontières could set up an on-site emergency response. The Nexans Foundation has decided to support this operation. The equipment supplied by Nexans allowed the installation of generators and the associated wiring, the connection and the adapted lighting means.