Lighting Burkina-Faso’s schools to reinforce literacy

Lighting Burkina-Faso’s schools to reinforce literacyThe Nexans Foundation renews for the fourth time its support to the Lumière pour tous association.

Lighting Burkina-Faso’s schools to reinforce literacySince 2011, thanks to its close relations with the mayor of the city of Boromo in Burkina Faso, and the observation of a scarce and costly electricity in towns and villages, the association decided to embark on a technical and human adventure. For the past seven years, she has completed the global electrical installations of seven schools in the Boromo region as well as an installation in a literacy center.

Nearly 6,000 kilometers separate them, but thanks to the action of "Lumière Pour Tous", a group of high school students and students from a French region (Alsace) will, thanks to renewable energies, enlighten the schools of the city of Boromo and the province of Balé, halfway between Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso.

The name of the association was born from this objective: to enlighten schools! And lighting schools, it’s promoting literacy! A lot of adults can come at school only in the evening, after work and without light, no courses…

A better level of education of the population is an essential link to the autonomy and the development of the villages.

Lighting Burkina-Faso’s schools to reinforce literacyFor these French students, it is an educational, human and solidarity project which is conducted throughout the school year with their teachers.

The production of electrical energy, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the school, coupled with a wind turbine, is not the only objective of the project; students also train local people in the operation and maintenance of these environmentally friendly facilities.
In this mission, beyond the technical adventure, it is a human adventure: awareness and transmission of knowledge are key objectives of the project.

These facilities are a real focal point between two countries and two cultures, thus coming together for a common objective.
We will give you more news in a next story to follow together the evolution of this mission.
By supporting this association for the 4th time, the Nexans Foundation is once again helping to bring energy to life!