6 health centers and 6 Women’s Houses powered by solar energy in Madagascar

SOS Children's VillagesSouthern Madagascar is one of the poorest regions of the world. The prolonged drought is a recurrent phenomenon in the South, occurring every 2-4 years, causing famine called “Kéré”, often with very serious consequences for the most vulnerable people and affecting hundreds of thousands. The region is geographically isolated and neglected by the Government. National roads that connect it to the rest of the country are virtually only trails. To support the most disadvantaged communities in six districts of the region, SOS Villages d’Enfants (SOS Children's Villages) has created, in 2011, six Community Resource Centers with two specific objectives:

  • Reducing maternal and infant mortality among vulnerable populations, in the Health centers,
  • Contribute to the implementation of women's rights, their expression, their freedom of thought and action in the Women's Houses.

Several accesses to electricity projects had been announced but were not carried out. With the help of the Nexans Foundation, solar panels have been installed to supply sustainable electricity to six Health centers and 6 Women's Houses of the Community Resource Centers located in six districts of southern Madagasgar (Betioky, Bekily, Ampanihy, Beloha, Tsihombe and Ambovombe).

SOS Children's VillagesThe power supply in the Health centers now provides a welcome area and night care, improvement of care provided, storage of vaccines and medication in an electric refrigerator, using electrical medical devices and software tools.
 The power input in the Women's Houses in turn allows access to software and telecommunications tools, to set up training using attractive media (video projection, photography, presentations, etc.) but also to use the electricity for artisanal or agricultural activities.