French students in Madagascar to electrify a school

For this project, ten students from different specialties (electrical engineering, metalwork, woodwork) of the Secondary School Lycée du Chablais, located in Thonon les Bains (France), will realize the construction of buildings and electrification of a Malagasy school, under the supervision of their teachers. They will be helped by young Malagasy, in charge of finding the necessary equipment for this work (metal tubes, wood, paint, cement, etc.).

French students in Madagascar to electrify a schoolThe Nur school is located in the city of Mahajanga, West of Madagascar. It hosts 498 children, most of whom are particularly vulnerable: children with disabilities, orphans, street children, very poor children. Their education is funded with the support provided by French and European associations. A first project was conducted at this school in May 2013 (installation of a photovoltaic system for the electrification of three classrooms and construction of children's play ground). But new requirements are very important to allow these children to continue their scholarship in better conditions: buildings constructions, renovation of existing buildings, purchase of school supplies, furniture and equipment.

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