An innovative project with the Swiss Foundation Antenna

An innovative project with the Swiss Foundation Antenna In collaboration with Caritas Switzerland and the University of Applied Sciences Berne, Antenna Technologies has developed a solar lighting system with many advantages. This new product, supported by the Nexans Foundation, called OOLUX represents a real alternative to kerosene lamps. Its system of micro-financing makes it affordable, meeting the needs of consumers at the base of the income pyramid.

In 2013, a first field test demonstrated the strong demand and the needs defined before a wide distribution, particularly in terms of system development of micro-finance and the demonstration of its economic viability. The aim of OOLUX is to provide a quality alternative for non-electrified in the South people. OOLUX is distinguished by its quality, sophisticated design, advanced electronics and a maximum modularity that allows it to adapt to different contexts. To make this quality technology affordable to the poorest in developing countries, OOLUX incorporates a new concept of micro-financing.

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