CAPJET Rock Cutter, protection in hard soil

Groovy tool

The cutter is a refinement of Nexans water-jetting CAPJET Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV). It has suction systems to remove the soft layer on top of the rock, clean milling heads, tidy up the trench. Then, it gently guides the cable into the groove.

Safe and convertible

Lightweight, it has sensors to see that the cable is safely clamped into the cable guiding system, and protect it during on/off docking and cutting. It stops if the sensors detect a fault. It can also be converted to a jetting machine in 24 hours.

Optimizing designs

Development began in 2007 for a rock-cutting tool. Two technologies were tested: a cutting wheel and a double end-mill unit. The latter, tested offshore at Hainan, China (2008), and Mallorca (2013), proved superior. Then designs were optimized, especially for keeping weight low for easy launch and recovery. A monitoring system assured that the cable could pass through the machine without damage. In 2014, it was upgraded with new pumps and monitoring, and underwent a wet-test program. It can now cut rock up to 45 MPa (megapascal) soil strength.

Mattress on seabed

Turnkey maritime cable laying requires an adaptive Capjet system that can operate from one vessel and assure complete cable installation for internal and external customers. The next step is to optimize our system with mattress handling to protect cables where the area is too confined for rock-dumper vessels or the water too shallow. By 2015, we will have a complete cable protection system that will use the same launch and recovery system to protect both cables and the environment. This will give Nexans customers the reassurance they need for future underwater infrastructure.