Active participation in standardization helps our business

Stimulating simulation

Nexans fire-resistant cables compete with enclosed protected systems using standard cables. By oven-testing fire-resistance of CR1 cables on fire-resistant trays simulating a real fire for at least one hour, we convinced the French authorities of the superiority of ALSECURE® SECURISÉ cables.


This innovation allows us to boost performance with proven technology, establishes NRC Lyon’s fire expertise, and reinforces our position with SYCABEL (French cable association) and safety authorities. More importantly, being proactive during standardization also helps us protect and serve our customers.

Winning the challenge

The standard test assesses fire resistance at 500 V for 1.5m of cable placed within a tubular oven while mechanical shocks are applied every 30 seconds. The cable has to maintain electrical continuity for 65 minutes. This performance was challenged by the safety authorities who argued that standard cables installed in 1-hour fire-resistant protective systems were more reliable, robust and safer. However, NRC Lyon (supported by SYCABEL cable manufacturers) countered the protective system lobby and proved our point. 20 samples installed on fire-resistant trays averaged 85 minutes when tested in a large oven!

Tests reap benefits

Our CR1 fire-resistant ALSECURE® PLUS and PREMIUM SECURISÉ cables were shown to be at least equivalent to protective systems, while being less expensive, less cumbersome, and far easier to install. This exercise had multiple benefits: it reinforces our reputation as industry experts and decision-makers, helps us respond to customer demand, increases our perceived public responsibility, strengthens our position within SYCABEL, and prepares us for the upcoming Construction Production Regulation for fire-resistance, since our tests conform to EN50577.

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