MOTIONLINE® PROFINET cable opens new horizons for automation

Industrial Ethernet revolution

PROFINET is an open standard that brings real-time Industrial Ethernet into automation, merging front/back office and the factory floor. To meet growing demand for higher data flows, we have developed UL-approved MOTIONLINE® Cat 5 PROFINET cables with its Nexans partners.

Convergence and integration

Internet Protocol (IP) convergence through PROFINET offers new solutions for real-time communication between industrial equipment/robots and office-based supervision and central control. It also enables the integration of existing fieldbus systems, like PROFIBUS, into an Ethernet-based network.

Combining our strengths

When we saw our customers migrating towards Industrial Ethernet, and needed networks with higher frequencies, we knew that we had an opportunity to mobilize Nexans synergy. So, we set up a multi-disciplinary, international team. One plant in France mastered Category 5 (100MHz) LAN cables, while our experts in Germany understood the BUS market through their very successful PROFIBUS products. Preliminary work at our Research Center helped us to get full UL approval, and we designed the final product: a BUS-type industrial cable that functions as efficiently as a LAN.

Market potential

Two versions of MOTIONLINE® PROFINET cables are now available: Type A contains single core copper conductors, and type B contains multicores. For now, Germany is the main customer, with a focus on current users of PROFIBUS or lower fieldbus systems. However, the US is undergoing an Industrial Ethernet boom. Using PVC for the outer sheath and rapidly obtaining American UL certification allow us to also offer this product for this exciting new market. The next step is developing a range of Cat 6 and Cat 7 versions for the future.