2004 Annual Report

Blowing equipment with 10 microductsDownload the different chapters (in PDF format) of the Annual Report 2004.
This document should be considered as Nexans' reference document for 2004. It was sent to the AMF on April 28, 2005.

 Summary and Profile  (.pdf - 164 kB)

Interview with the Chairman (.pdf - 1365 kB)
Strategic priorities(.pdf - 76 kB)
Key Figures (.pdf - 90 kB)
Corporate Governance (.pdf - 85kB)

Frameries Telecom DrumsOur Responsabilities (.pdf - 167 kB)

With regards to our Shareholders
With regards to our clients
With regards to our personnel
With regards to the environment

Our Activities(.pdf - 107 kB)

Results by business
Quality ControlResults by geographical area : Europe
Results by geographical area : North America
Results by geographical area : Asia
Results by geographical area : Rest of the World

Financial and Legal information (.pdf - 651 kB)


Transition to IFRS (.pdf - 192 kB)

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