Overhead Lines: A New Start

Energy New Deal

A one-day conference in Paris on 9 December 2013 allowed Nexans to explain its range of overhead line solutions to transmission system operators (TSOs), who are challenged to increase power capacity while assuring operational safety, new installation clearance and social responsibility.

Inventing by design

Nexans' latest generation of overhead lines is based on advanced technologies like high-tech carbon fiber, special surface treatments and new alloys to increase conductor ampacity, reduce sag, noise and corrosion. TSOs can thus boost grid efficiency with full community acceptance.

High-wire act

As the historical and technical center in Europe, Nexans Benelux proposed high-tensile carbon fiber cores for lighter, more rigid and resistant lines with low sag, corrosion retardant and high breaking load. In addition, it developed various aluminum alloys which could operate up to 250°C. Supported by the NRC, Nexans Brazil convinced a south Brazilian utility to install some 600 km of Thermal Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (TACSR) which vastly increased the capacity, reliability and security of its grid. Innovative projects are now underway worldwide, including major European utilities.

More current and currency

The conference provided a forum for sharing and responding to TSO future plans for expansion and meeting environmental and social concerns that can differ greatly from country to country. This is especially relevant when electrical power consumption is increasing by up to 7% annually in some places. Nexans provides solutions to upgrade existing lines to deliver higher ampacity on existing towers and pylons. We also provide high-end solutions for new grids, using fewer towers and longer spans to transmit more energy while reducing overall investment and protecting the environment.