A birthday package for fiber rollouts

Hands-on efficiency

A versatile subrack for 19-inch racks which can manage up to 96 optical fibers (KB1996) has been developed by Nexans Sweden for fiber cross-connections in large central offices. The “universal” opening feature gives easy access to all patch cords and connectors.

Left, right and center

The inner frame of the closure can be pulled out directly from the front (like most closures on the market), and can also swivel either left or right. These three functions can be adapted to perfectly fit the available space and reduce needless movements during maintenance.

Multum in parvo (much in little space)

We examined installations to see how patch cords were handled in very confined conditions. Our prime customer, installed subracks with one subrack having patch cords managed from the left, and a second managed from the right. This means more space is required for managing patch cords. The KB1996 makes it possible to install 31 boxes vertically with 96 fibers each and connectors in a cabinet measuring only 2.2 meters high. That means that 2,967 patch cords and connectors can be handled in a minimum space.

One size fits all

The subrack was designed to meet our main customer’s needs, but we also wanted to make the product fit other customers’ demands (direct frontal pull out). This design makes it possible to achieve multiple savings: stock levels are minimized since one subrack replaces three; saving space saves money; and maintenance costs are lower since patch cords can be managed quickly and easily. It is a welcome addition to Nexans’ full range of FTTH products.