Nexans Foundation

Nexans’ ongoing international growth has naturally led the Group to create a more global framework for practicing its corporate values through support for community projects and charitable causes. The creation of the Nexans Foundation in early 2013 was a natural expression of this commitment, enabling us to coordinate the many actions and initiatives taken by our employees in the areas and countries where the Group operates and give them a single overriding objective – promoting access to energy for disadvantaged communities worldwide – a philanthropic pledge to meet a major challenge.

Access to energy is a critical concern in today’s world
Over 1.3 billion people currently have no access to energy and at least 2.7 billion do not have clean cooking facilities. More than 95% of these people live in Sub-Saharan Africa or in developing Asia. An estimated 1 billion people will not have access to energy by 2030, and access to clean cooking facilities will have seen no improvement.

Through its Foundation, Nexans has decided to make a real commitment to help bring electricity to disadvantaged communities throughout the world by giving priority to close to the ground organizations and sustainable solutions.

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