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    Christophe Demule Christophe Demule Oct 12, 2023

    Five innovations for buildings' revolution: Sustainable buildings for a brighter future

    Today, governments from around the globe with bold commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are pressuring the construction and building sector to reduce its carbon emissions and consumption of raw materials. Decarbonizing this sector is critical to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

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    Lina Ruiz Lina Ruiz Jul 25, 2023

    Five innovations for buildings' revolution: Unleashing the power of DC buildings

    With the global demand for electricity expected to increase 20% by 2030 and the increasing pressure to transition to renewables, the War of the Currents is once again in the spotlight. Today, over 70% of devices in a building need DC to operate. A conversion from AC to DC results in energy wastage of upwards to 20%. Reducing the need to convert has profound implications regarding energy savings and environmental impact. And this is why eliminating or reducing AC to DC conversion in buildings is critical.

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    Jenny Nyström Jenny Nyström Jul 18, 2023

    Five innovations for buildings' revolution: Powering the digital change

    A wave of change is happening in the building industry. As we've witnessed in the last couple of years, the sector once referred to as "brick and mortar" is bracing itself for a digital revolution. Traditionally slow to embrace new technologies, resulting in decades-long productivity stagnation, digitalization of the $7.5 trillion building construction market is long overdue.

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    Franck Gyppaz Franck Gyppaz Jul 4, 2023

    Five innovations for buildings' revolution: The path to effective fire safety in buildings

    25% of fires are due to electrical failures in Europe, representing 275,000 fires yearly. With more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas and the demand for electricity increasing, ensuring the electrical safety of buildings is critical. A vital step to ensuring the fire safety of buildings is taking a holistic approach to testing and certifying electrical cables with their associated components.

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    Christophe Demule Christophe Demule Jun 27, 2023

    Five innovations for buildings' revolution: Transforming buildings industry with 3D printing and modular construction

    The building and construction industry is increasingly embracing newer technologies and solutions to meet rising floor space demand, stricter sustainability and safety standards, increasing costs, and skilled labor shortages. Demand will require more efficient building construction methods: 3D printing, drones, robotics, and modular construction.

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