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Nexans Blog Mar 29, 2021

Electrification is at the heart of the energy transition. Just about everything that currently uses fossil fuels – from transport and heating to industrial processes – will need to switch to electricity if climate goals are to be achieved.

Transition challenges for DSOs

DSOs are enablers of the energy transition. But adapting distribution grids presents a number of complex investment challenges. As well as catering for new demand and distributed energy resources (DER) integration, there is a need to ensure that supplies remain reliable and secure.

Let’s look at those challenges in more detail:

Additional demand: electricity demand in Europe is expected to rise to approximately 3,530TWh per year by 2030 . Grids will need to handle an extra 730TWh compared with 2017, a recent study suggests  – equivalent to the electricity consumption of France and Italy combined.

Transport electrification will see the fastest growth, with predicted year-on-year increases of 11% in Europe over the next decade. Electric vehicles will account for most of this growth. The rise of power-to-gas, and electrification of heating and industrial processes, will also drive demand.

DER integration: distribution networks will need to handle big increases of energy coming from renewables – everything from rooftop solar to offshore wind. More than 500GW of extra renewable capacity is envisaged by 2030. Nearly three-quarters of this will be connected to DSO networks.

Security of supply: ensuring network reliability and service quality are already a major focus for DSOs. These will become even more important as homes and businesses head towards 100% electricity dependency. In a similar vein, there is an increased need to ensure the grid remains resilient in the face of extreme weather events linked to climate change.  

Asset Electrical – your digital solution for energy transition

Asset Electrical is our strategic asset management solution for DSOs. It’s designed to make complex investment decisions easy.

The solution works by creating a digital twin of your network – a computer model that incorporates all your processes, constraints and assets, from cable and transformers to switchgear, poles and pylons. Nothing is left out.

Asset Electrical allows you to strike the perfect balance between network performance, CAPEX/OPEX, regulatory, security and environmental goals. Everything is taken into account.

Asset Electrical helps you to:

  • Accommodate new demand: target your reinforcement strategy to handle new loads from vehicle charging, heat pumps and industrial uses while optimising capital investment.
  • Integrate assets to handle renewable energy sources on your network: easily connect new renewable energy sources while minimising capital costs and disruption to your network.
  • Enhance supply security: identify assets at risk and target your investments to ensure maximum reliability, resilience and power quality.
  • Get more out of your existing assets: identify life-extension opportunities using our unique asset ageing model.

Asset Electrical is a service proven solution and it gets results, with savings of more than 10% of total expenditure and up to 20% higher return on assets.

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