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    Jean-François Larché Nov 3, 2022

    Ten new technologies to electrify the future: Circular plastic, a resources-focus approach

    To face the growing volume of plastic produced, used and dumped, industries have to evolve to a fully circular model in which end-of-life plastic products are not discarded but transformed to create value. Innovation, regulation and international collaboration are needed to enable this transition.

  • Energy

    Jean-Maxime Saugrain Jul 28, 2022

    Ten new technologies to electrify the future: Superconducting cables, miracles of electrical connectivity

    Superconducting cables are miracles of electrical connectivity. We discover what makes them so important – and how Nexans is delivering the world’s first-ever superconducting cable system integrated in a railway grid.

  • Energy

    Maxime Toulotte Jul 8, 2022

    Ten new technologies to electrify the future: Floating offshore wind and solar

    Floating technology is a hot trend in the world of renewables. We examine the drivers and discover how Nexans is helping to turn the dream of floating offshore wind – and solar – into a reality.
    Offshore wind generation has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. Global offshore capacity has now reached 35 GW – an almost nine-fold increase since 2011. An additional 235 GW of offshore capacity is expected by 2030, taking the global total to 270 GW.

  • Energy

    Hans Kvarme

    Samuel Griot

    Jun 14, 2022

    Ten new technologies to electrify the future: Direct Current Renaissance

    After more than a century in the shadows, Direct Current (DC) power could be set for a comeback. DC is remarkably efficient for long-distance bulk power transfer. Moreover, more and more of the electrical devices we use are natively DC – everything from your mobile phone to LED lights and electric cars. All of this is leading to a reappraisal of DC for transmission, distribution and even final consumption by electricity users. So how might this work in practice?

  • Energy

    Jérôme Fournier May 24, 2022

    Ten new technologies to electrify the future

    We reveal ten technologies that are shaping an all-electric future. The future is electric. Over the coming decade, decarbonised electricity will play a bigger and bigger role in delivering the energy transition and combating global warming. Momentum is building. Upstream, wind turbines and solar farms are replacing thermal power stations. Downstream, new ways of using electricity are accelerating the journey to net zero.

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