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    Christophe Maury Mar 1, 2023

    Ten new technologies to electrify the future: Big data & AI

    Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It allows computers and cloud connected devices to reproduce human-related behaviours such as reasoning, planning and creativity. AI is primarily dependent on the quantity of data it is given. This is where Big Data plays an active role. With the increased collection and analysis of digital data, Big Data and AI are now emerging as rich areas of opportunity for electrification professionals.

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    Olivier Pinto Feb 23, 2023

    Ten technologies to electrify the future: Digital Twins

    The concept of a digital twin consists in reconstituting objects, processes or physical services in a virtual environment. Its use contributes to improving the design and functionality of systems, optimize their maintenance and diagnose possible problems. Digital Twins have also turned into powerful decision-making tools for strategic planning.

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    Franck Gyppaz Feb 1, 2023

    Ten technologies to electrify the future: Electrical and Fire Safety

    With new forms of energy use come new risks. How do electrical systems contribute to a safer world? Cables are the electrical backbone of a building, being present everywhere and in large quantities to transport energy and data.

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    Cyrill Million Jan 13, 2023

    Ten new technologies to electrify the future: Electrical vehicles

    Like other sectors, the automotive industry must evolve to meet future economic and ecological challenges. Currently, thermal vehicles are responsible for nearly 10% of CO2 emissions worldwide. In developed economy such like in France, this figure rises to 15%. The electrification of these vehicles is therefore a key issue in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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    Anthony Combessis Dec 6, 2022

    Ten new technologies to electrify the future: Hydrogen

    The race to net zero is on, and to cross the finish line by 2050 industry needs to shed the burden of fossil fuels. But which energy sources have the power to replace them?

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