Cutting the cost of solar

Solar power is booming. 2019 saw new installations soar to a near-record high with 16.7GW of solar deployed in Europe – twice the 2018 total (Source: Solar Power Europe).

The solar surge looks set to continue. Industry forecasts suggest Europe will see rapid growth with up to 53GW of new capacity added over the next three years. Meanwhile, global solar output is predicted to double to 1TW by 2022 (Source: EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2019-2023 - Solar Power Europe).

The attractions of solar are clear. Utility-scale solar has the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of any renewable energy source and ROI is rapid. As a result, subsidy-free projects are becoming the new normal.


Are further cost reductions possible?

Although utility-scale solar is already competitive, there’s still room for improvement. Cabling is one area where developers, EPCs and operators can make potential CAPEX and OPEX savings.

  • First, developers need ways to reduce the amount of cable and components they use during installation. This matters because the cable requirement on solar farms is huge – more than 4,000km on the largest installations.


  • Second, there’s a need for high-quality “ready to connect” products, so solar strings can be hooked up quickly with no need for risky cable preparation on site. There’s also a need to reduce the cutting waste associated with conventional installation.


  • Finally, developers need reliable cabling solutions for the whole life of the system. Cabling products must be zero maintenance. And they must be designed to eliminate risks such as cable connection faults and fire, which together account for 50% of installation failures.


Solar cable made simple

Nexans’ Keylios® Photovoltaic Harness meets all of these needs. Manufactured to your specifications and delivered in easy-to-handle kits, our photovoltaic harness is a perfect match for your installation. And it’s ready to connect, with no cutting or crimping required on site.

Watch Keylios® Photovoltaic Harness video

The harness is designed to provide our customers with maximum value. It reduces capital costs by 15% and cuts low-voltage cable lengths by up to 36%. And less cabling means it’s possible to reduce the size and cost of components, such as combiner boxes. Smarter use of materials also reduces the overall environmental impact of the installation.

Quality is of paramount importance. Keylios® Photovoltaic Harnesses are manufactured under controlled conditions in our factories. Cables are precision cut and joints ultrasonically welded, eliminating defects. Junctions and inline fuses are overmoulded and IP67 rated.  

15 %

Reduction of capital costs

36 %

cuts of low-voltage cable lengths

Thanks to our global footprint, we can deliver Keylios® Photovoltaic Harnesses anywhere to a tight deadline and we can quote within 24 hours. We can also manufacture in-country if you require a certain level of local content for your installation.

Nexans’ Keylios® Photovoltaic Harness exemplifies our commitment to the energy transition – and to maximising ROI and minimising risk for our renewable energy customers.

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