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Christopher Guérin - CEO Nexans

Christopher Guérin - CEO Nexans

We are living through a time of unprecedented upheaval

Among the global companies, Nexans is in the group of those who better managed the crisis. Thanks to our past experience of safety within plants as an industrial operator and our plants in China we’ve been able to anticipate the crisis. Almost all our plants kept running, with maximum-security measures to protect the health of all our teams in the field. Very few Nexans’ teammates have been infected by Covid-19.

In general, our understanding of our responsibility has immediately changed to place human safety at the forefront of our concerns. The environment has forever changed and nothing will be as it was before.

The crisis has also accelerated the implementation of our New Nexans strategy. More than ever, the climate change is our concern; more than ever, Nexans is committed and focus to bring sustainable solutions for the electrification of the world.

Our fundamentals remain strong and reliable and our order book is full until mid-2022.

The major wins of last year reinforced our global position and they are valuable experiences to prepare calls for tenders expected between now and 2026 for large-scale renewable energy and submarine interconnection projects, energy efficiency program and grid renewal.

Nexans will be even stronger after the sanitary crisis, confirming our strategic path is the right one.

“ Power grids are at the heart of the transition. ”

Christopher Guérin

CEO Nexans

A huge ambition

Nexans is at the forefront of the energy transition and we are a global leader for a sustainable electrification of the world.

In this first edition of our digital magazine, we invite you to take a look at some of the most pressing issues and innovative technologies and capabilities that are turning the transition into a reality.

Power grids are at the heart of the transition. A sustainable electrification of the world is a major stake for the coming decades.

Changing patterns of power generation will also have a profound impact on grids. From solar rooftop to windfarms far out to sea, reliable and cost-effective transmission and distribution will become even more important. We examine some of the technologies Nexans is using to help its customers achieve their goals – including innovative superconducting solutions that provide zero loss of transmission.

Demand for electricity is set to undergo massive growth in the next 20 years as the planet is calling for its sustainable electrification. Future grids will provide power to heat our homes and they will put electric cars on our roads. In this edition, we look at some of the ways that power networks can be adapted to meet these new needs. To do so, global companies need to change their mindset, their set of priorities, they must be committed in the climate change battle.

As we are the link that makes energy transition possible, we have the responsibility to provide new innovative services and solutions for a sustainable electrification. Digital tools are in the heart of our research.

But we also need to look at some of the impact of digitalization. All experts agree that in the future, the main stake isn’t the electricity production capacities but the use of big data and the carbon footprint generated by any digital solution.

We aim to reconciliate industry through energy transition, as the business should not, never any more, be the enemy of the climate. We need to be virtuous. We will bring our value in the universal battle for the wellbeing of Humanity.

Renewable energy continues to attract investment to design the future world. It has proven to generate attractive returns to investors. It also creates jobs, new jobs to bring economic growth and activities in new geographies.

Nexans has a long and rich history of innovation. We celebrate that heritage in our new film - Nexans Living History of Electricity. The film brings us back to the roots of the company on which we rely to contribute to a new sustainable world.  Much has changed in the 120 years since the company was founded, but one thing remains unchanged is our commitment to building the future of electricity. The future is all about sustainability.

Nexans is the leader of the sustainable electrification.

We are ready. We are Nexans.

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