Nexans launches VIGISHIELD to protect cable owners against cable theft

Sep 27, 2021

  • Nexans has launched VIGISHIELDTM to provide customers with a range of protection and solutions against cable theft.
  • 24/7 protection includes a wide range of security measures and anti-theft solutions suited to each customer.

Paris, September 27, 2021 – Nexans is proud to launch its VIGISHIELD solution, which will provide customers with a complete protection against cable theft.
In recent years, cable theft has intensified around the world, largely due to rising global copper prices. With the cost of raw copper reaching close to $10,000 per ton, these thefts represent billions of euros in losses for the various players in the industry. A conservative estimate of annual total value of damage from copper wire theft is $900 million in the United States alone ... To anticipate these risks and protect against them, Nexans provides now a range of new solutions to our customers, from manufacturing right through to operation.
As part of VIGISHIELD, Nexans will offer its customers:

  • permanent surveillance of their cables, wherever they are in the world,
  • total control of their projects and deadlines,
  • strong reduction of their direct and indirect costs due to cable theft.

Olivier Pinto, Nexans’ Group Innovation Director, Digital & Grids, said: “Cable theft doesn’t just act as a costly inconvenience to cable owners, it can also pose a threat to energy supply. In addition to the obvious economic costs cable owners endure, cable theft also leads to significant operational damages and can result in severe delays to projects. It’s imperative that we support our customers by providing them with round the clock protection for their cabling…”.

“ We are delighted to launch VIGISHIELD and expand our Amplify innovation acceleration program across our businesses. This portfolio of solutions uses innovative cable monitoring and tracking technology to ensure customers’ cables and operations are truly secure. As well as delivering all-round peace of mind, it also enables better project and risk management, and drives better performance right along the line. ”

Olivier Pinto

Nexans’ Group Innovation Director, Digital & Grids

Enabled with connected tracking and geolocation solutions, motion detection and real-time alert technologies, our VIGISHIELD platform will provide our customers with 24/7 protection, managing all aspects of the surveillance and protection of their cables.

The launch of this VIGISHIELD solution is part of Nexans’ strategy and purpose, to accelerate  its innovation and “electrify the future”.

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