Overhead Lines

High voltage and projects - pylons

Our innovative conductors support the energy transition

High-voltage grids are the cornerstone of energy systems

Developing and building robust national electricity transmission systems forms an integral part of the European interconnected transmission system. It contributes to bring about the energy transition.

Anticipation is key, as Transmission System Operators (TSO) need to build grid infrastructure capable of integrating future (renewable) energy generation projects. They cannot react to changes as they happen, because of the duration of any new infrastructure project..

TSO's strive to find responsible and economically efficient solutions, trying to limit the construction of new infrastructure : they prefer to optimize and upgrade the existing infrastructure where possible.

Where overhead lines exist, they will prefer to install additional or new conductors in order to transmit more electricity.

Our innovative conductors support the energy transition

Based on these customer requirements for ever higher capacities to be transmitted, our dedicated team in Elouges developed a full range of overhead lines, needed to secure high voltage grids. This allows TSO's to preserve their existing infrastructure of towers while replacing the conductors with new ones integrating the latest transmission technologies.

Our innovative solutions comprise compact conductors, such as Aero-Z, which can increase capacity up to 15% while High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) technology allows increases up to 100 % without replacing towers.

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