Dedicated services for onshore windfarms

Windfarm Services

Engineering and design services

Competence built up through a consortium with Tesmec/Marais, specialized in mechanical laying of cables, allows us to offer the best possible solutions. Combining our partner’s expertise in trenching with Nexans knowhow in cables, components and interconnection makes it possible to optimize network configuration on both layout and trench cross section, bringing considerable CAPEX savings. Marais’ approach has been in use for over 40 years, lowering costs and speeding up deployment by as much as 15x. Nexans also has ample experience in longlength MV-AC cable production, spanning great distances across different types of terrain.

The goal is always to optimize layout and trenching without affecting specific power output. The differences between original and optimized designs can be enormous, reducing trench volume by 50-80%. The bigger the project, the more the savings add up. In short, you can rely on dedicated structural engineering team and local engineering competence. What’s more, through its global network, Nexans can offer support on a worldwide scale, supporting the International Strategy of the Project Developer and the Contractor. The Nexans Engineering Department has been created to assist customers with specific electrical engineering expertise combined with trench design. That combination, in support to the Contractor, enables identification of a pool of savings while achieving lifetime performance optimization for medium and high voltage underground cable systems.
Nexans Engineering Support Services enable our customers to harness the best expertise at the earliest stage of design and during the installation of your MV project Pre-Construction – Design Phase

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Trench design
  • Cable System Design
  • Optimization of the layout from the detailed Engineering document
  • BOM edition
  • Cable compliancy with international & local standards
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Scenario of Investment level versus Output Power production

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Services

LCA quantifies the environmental impact of products or systems through all lifecycle stages (cradle to grave). Nexans LCA service evaluates the environmental impact of cables from production, distribution, installation and
use to end of life. Impacts such as carbon footprint or resource consumption are communicated through a PEP (Product Environmental Profile) declaration. This allows OEMs and wind farm designers to compare cables’ environmental impact and arrive at an informed choice. The PEPecopassport®, based on a standardized, reliable and recognized program, complies with ISO 14025 (Type III environmental declaration).


Cable End of Life management
Low and Medium Voltage Cables retain value, even near the end of their operational life. When dismantling is in order, Nexans values, recycles and manages cable waste.

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