Safe and secure power networks solutions

Ensuring safe underground transmission lines in complex residential and industrial environments.

EHV underground - land power

Since the 70s, high-voltage power lines have been buried in urban, rural and industrial sites. Today there are a growing number of projects with segments of underground transmission lines in the 60-550 kV range.

Many factors favor underground solutions: regulatory issues, public demand due to electromagnetic impact, aesthetic concerns, the narrowing gap between underground and aerial construction costs, and a new generation of safe and reliable cables.

Installing underground transmission lines requires a host of competencies in a cable manufacturer to serve the complex demands of utilities, contractors and installers

Some of the challenges and concerns you are faced with :

  • Growing power demand and need to upgrade or replace existing equipment
  •  Integrating renewables, distances between producers and consumers
  • Congested areas and limited rights of way
  • Efficiency & reliability of the network
  • Deregulation is pushing for more interconnections and monitoring of the network
  • Highest safety standards & products that are environment friendly  


Safe and secure power solutions to meet your high standards and reduce the cost-of-ownership of your network

Whether you need to transmit power overhead, underwater or underground Nexans has a solution to cater for your needs. Our experts on all continents are here to assist, not only by proposing the properly engineered products but also supplying the most advanced solutions and services taking into consideration all your requirements.

Furthermore to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership, we adopt a complete systems approach from early design to after life dismantling. Our range of services includes basic solutions to full turnkey projects on an EPC basis, as well as after installation follow-up. These can include:

  • Preliminary studies and network simulation
  • Design engineering, qualifications
  • Manufacturing, transportation and logistics
  • Complete civil works
  • Installation, testing and commissioning
  • Uprating or upgrading of your network
  • Advice, fault finding, preventive or curative maintenance, monitoring techniques
  • Training
  • Removal of old installations and recycling

With manufacturing capacity and experts located in all regions of the globe, we are able to deliver to the highest voltage & power ratings.

We are leading the way with historical milestones and pushing continuously the limits of technology in underground solutions, a few examples below:

  • Delivery & commissioning of the first 132kV high voltage oil filled cables in the 1920’s
  • Fully qualified 420kV XLPE system dating back to the 1980’s
  • Supply of the longest 245kV AC circuit in the world
  • Design, supply & installation in a highly congested city of the highest voltage & power rating using superconductivity technology
  • Longest 500kV circuit in a tunnel
  • First 420kV AC land interconnector between 2 countries
  • Proven reliability of our accessories
  • Most compact design of high rating EHV underground cables
  • Completely dry accessories up to 550kV 
  • Innovative installation techniques
  • Etc…

Above all, Nexans is committed to quality standards, health and safety, and a better protection of the environment through life-cycle management and environment-friendly products.

All of our HV cables are custom-designed for specific customer projects. Recent developments include: Halogen-Free Fire-Retardant cables, aluminum screens, conductors with insulated wires, “dry” accessories, extruded HVDC cables, and superconductors, safe outdoor oil-filled terminations.

Superconducting cables

Maximum transmission capacity and near-zero losses

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