Nexans Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

In the electric vehicle charging solutions eco-system, Nexans is a supplier of charging stations (AC and DC) with associated services, with significant industrial capacity at the Donchery site (08-France).
Nexans EVCS is recognized as a developer of innovative charging solutions specific to certain use cases, thus allowing its customers to benefit from the experience acquired since 2010 in the field of electro-mobility based on the strengths and the values of the Nexans Group.

Nexans EVSE dedicated to car sharing
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Nexans masters the entire technological value chain, from design, manufacturing to operation via its technical hot line

• AC & DC charging stations from 3.7 to 50 kW

• Fleet supervision and management tools

• Open protocol gateways to service providers (eMSP)

• Digital tools to facilitate the maintenance and traceability of equipment

• Supervision system operated by the Nexans technical hotline

• Smart charging management tools

• IRVE installer training center, Qualifelec level 1 and 2 approved

Charging stations and value-added connection solutions for businesses and territories

The AGICITY ranges developed aim to offer a wide variety of services for the benefit of users, customers and partners of installers and maintenance agents.

Nexans offers terminals equipped with a wide range of connectivity options for WAN (Wireless Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network). Depending on the model, AGICITY charging stations can thus be equipped with Powerline Powerline (Line Carrier) modules facilitating the installation effort, cellular communication modules, wifi, Ethernet, or short-range radio connectivity (Zigbee ). The WAN connectivity integrated into the terminal can be shared via Wifi or Ethernet technologies with communicating objects such as “Internet of Things” (IoT).

Various metering solutions or vehicle presence detection systems can be integrated with remote reporting to services. Nexans also personalizes the aesthetics of its kiosk for its customers (colors and stickers), and even customer journeys.

While all Nexans charging stations have energy management functionality, the innovative spirit of the Nexans range is reflected more specifically in the AGICITY EVO range, which aims to offer a wide range of services. The optional integration of the CIBE® cabinet and / or the Linky® meter plates, resulting from the historical know-how of Nexans Power Accessories France, aims to improve aesthetics and integration into the urban landscape. These charging stations are designed to offer a typology of services adapted to the energy transition and to the growing mobility needs of the territories.

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Accessories from its core business

Nexans is developing its charging cords and cabling solutions to facilitate the initial installation or the scalability of an installation to support the transition to eco-mobility as needed. The NEOBUS makes it possible to wire a covered car park so as to allow the later connection and at a lower cost of the charging stations.

The NEOBAR is a connection solution under development in Nexans laboratories offering the same advantages for uncovered parking lots and eliminating excavation costs.

Digital and maintenance services

The service offering includes open roaming supervision, commissioning, telephone and on-site support, training and maintenance.

Beyond the supply of charging stations and cabling solutions, Nexans assists installers in commissioning, a stage during which the charging station is configured for the supply of energy and communication with supervision. This is necessary when the customer / operator wishes to manage one or more terminals remotely. Nexans CPO software makes it possible to perform this supervision and thus facilitate preventive and curative maintenance interventions (interventions that can also be taken care of by Nexans field teams) thanks to a real-time view of the equipment.

These services make it possible not only to support customers in the development of complex products and solutions, but also to find answers, adapted to their problems, based on better privacy.

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At the heart of an innovative ecosystem

Nexans works daily to innovate and enrich its range by integrating innovative functionalities, and works to achieve this with OEM solution design partners who share this same desire.
Charging stations for electric vehicles are an innovation medium that goes beyond this simple scope.

Having already taken part in the BienVEnu and Eco2Charge experiments, Nexans is now engaged in the SMAC project.

This experiment resulting from technical innovation in the service of energy transition was developed in the Champagne-Ardenne region. Its ambition is to optimize the charging of electric vehicles during periods of high renewable energy production thanks to an energy management solution for charging stations.

Nexans' role in this experiment is to implement digital solutions in order to manage the energy distributed to all terminals according to the production of wind energy.
To do this, Nexans uses its CPO (terminal fleet management software) and is already developing other digital tools to configure energy management according to different policies.
Another part of the project will be to test V2G (vehicle to grid) technology consisting of injecting the energy of a vehicle battery into the network, thanks to a specific terminal, authorizing both this function and recharging (bidirectional current flow).


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