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How data cables are made

Yves Debroyer Aug 19, 2019

Nexans being the second largest cable manufacturer in the world we do know a thing or two how to produce cables. One of our production facilities is located near the Belgian border in the French village of Fumay in the Ardennes region. Curious to see how data cables are produced? See for yourself!

How data cables are made

In this short video we sum up the different production stages from the drawing process all the way to the packaging step:

  • drawing of copper conductors using extruders;
  • insulation with LSZH and PVC;
  • twisting;
  • assembling;
  • braiding;
  • jacketing;
  • product control & testing;
  • packaging & delivering.

A global presence for local needs

Our factory plant in Fumay is part of a global network spread over 34 countries that produce copper and fibre optic cables. This allows Nexans to cater to local needs and regional regulations.

A recent example of this is when the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) came into force in the European Union. As of July 1st 2017 all communication, power and control cables that are permanently installed in buildings have to adhere to a set of harmonised rules for reaction to fire, based on the European standard EN50575. As a result, our Fumay factory now produces CPR compliant cables for the European market.



About the author

Yves Debroyer

Yves Debroyer joined Nexans in 2000 and is responsible for external communication in Nexans Cabling Solutions, as part of the Nexans Data & Telecom Business Group. Yves studied medieval history and currently resides in the belgian village of Buizingen. Whenever possible he likes to travel around Europe visiting historical locations.

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