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    Marcel Reifenberg Jul 20, 2020

    Is LAN-as-a-Service the answer to today’s network challenges?

    ‘As-a Service’, driven by the ever-increasing use of cloud services and applications, as well as the growth of IoT, has become an essential feature of today’s business landscape. It might seem inevitable that LAN would also be offered as-a-Service at some point. However, there are also a few drawbacks to take into consideration.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Todd Harpel, RCDD Jul 7, 2020

    The advent of Single-Pair Ethernet in intelligent buildings

    In the past 25 years Ethernet has become the most common network technology used for information transport of all kinds. Recently, however, Ethernet has begun to support data exchange in systems that were previously the domain of a variety of other network technologies and proprietary communication protocols. Driven by the desire to connect every type of device in every type of environment, Ethernet is fast becoming the universal transport system across industries and applications. And the cabling infrastructure that supports this expansion is changing too.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Yves Debroyer Jun 3, 2020

    Why do copper cables come in different packaging types?

    Copper communication cables for indoor use are usually supplied to the market in 3 different packaging types: 305m boxes, 500m or 1000m drums. But what type is most preferred? The answer depends whom you ask and what they consider important. We’ll look at the motives from a customer’s cost saving perspective to a distributor’s storage convenience down to the installer in the field having to pull and terminate the cable.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Reiner Frenken May 25, 2020

    Why FTTO is best for future green networks

    As the digital economy grows, so does consumption of energy and production of heat and CO2. One sustainable possible solution is the introduction of Fibre To The Office (FTTO) networks to connect devices throughout a building at Gigabit speeds.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Joost Grillaert May 18, 2020

    Cabling design for traditional Enterprise data centres

    Data centres come in many different shapes and sizes and with that vast differences in how cabling is used. In this article we will focus on the traditional enterprise data centres. What are its needs and how do these impact the cabling infrastructure?

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