Treatment and surgery require customized cable solutions


Our engineers meet your special needs and applications through custom designs to reduce your development time and increase performance. NEWSENSE™ microcables fully comply with EU and international standards.

NEWSENSE™ for invasive applications are designed for diagnostic cardiac catheters, sensors and pacemakers, and offer high mechanical resistance, especially to tension, torsion and bending.

NEWSENSE® for invasive applications

Designed for diagnostic cardiac catheters, sensors and pacemakers, they offer high mechanical resistance, especially to tension, torsion and bending.

• Biocompatible materials
• Antimicrobial cables for patient safety
• Miniaturized, mono and multi-wire constructions
• Cosmetic adaptability

Various types of conductors: gauges AWG 28 to 48;
up to 14 conductors laid up in pairs. Lower cross-sections
can be developed according to need.

Wire or coaxial cable AWG 28 to 34, with stainless-steel conductor

Both kinds of cable are resistant to various sterilization methods, including chemical (ETO, Sterrad®, Cidex®, gas), gamma rays, and standard alcohol, ethanol, propanol, etc.

Micro-manufacturing unit
To assure quality and conformity with the strictest standards, Nexans maintains a separate contamination-free manufacturing unit that uses dedicated micro-equipment to extrude very tiny screened and insulated cables.
Tests are conducted according to customer specifications, including: electrical performance, bending and flexibility (to match user movement), salt-water tests to simulate behavior in blood environments, neutrality and biocompatibility, ability to support extreme temperatures
and shock during transportation and storage, insulation resistance to certain chemicals, etc.

NEWSENSE® for invasive applications
Benefits of NEWSENSE® for invasive applications 
  • State-of-the-art quality processes to ensure product consistency
  • Full biocompatibility, sterilization ease and operational flexibility
  • Antimicrobial jackets to protect against multiresistant bacteria/viruses
  • High data capacity and multi-constructions in miniaturized format
  • Cosmetically designed to offer patients exceptional comfort
  • EM-shielded for safe clinical, home and on-the-job operation

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