Nexans references

With an industrial presence in 40 countries and commercial activities worldwide, Nexans participates in the construction and renovation of buildings on all continents.

  • France

    Palace of Versailles – France

    Renovation of technical networks

    Since 2007, Nexans has been upgrading the power cabling system of the Palace of Versailles to increase the safety of the estate.

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  • Norway

    Oslo Opera – Norway

    Safe and sound

    Nexans designed new installation techniques for power cables which limit electromagnetic interference while offering improved fire performance.

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  • Russia

    Kremlin Palace – Moscow, Russia

    Cables that are both hot and discreet.

    In order to fight frost and snow on the roof of the Kremlin’s Armoury Palace, Nexans installed custom heating cables whose sheath colour matches the roof colour.

  • Germany

    Duchess Anna Amalia Library – Weimar, Germany

    Fire-resistant networks

    In 2004, the walls of the magnificent library, once headed by Goethe himself, were damaged during a fire caused by a damaged electrical wire. The restored building is now fully refurbished with Nexans’ low-voltage fire-resistant cables.

  • UK

    HSBC Headquarters – London, UK (the headquarters moved back to Shanghai a few months ago, a truly symbolic move!)

    High-performance data network

    Nexans’ LANmark high performance FTP cabling system and LANSense network management system were installed at the London headquarters of one of the world’s largest banks.

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  • South Korea

    Incheon International Airport – Seoul, South Korea

    State-of-the-art fibre optic network

    The airport is equipped with some 350 km of LAN cables, the LANsense network management system as well as very high-speed backbone networks for safety and voice/video over IP, all supplied by Nexans.

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  • Egypt

    Nile University - Cairo, Egypt

    High capacity communication network

    Nexans supplied this prestigious university with a network infrastructure including a LAN backbone supporting 10-gigabit speeds and a LANSense management system for IP-based telephony, data security and building automation.

  • China

    “Bird’s Nest Stadium” and Water Cube - Beijing Olympic Park, China

    Facilitating snow removal and defrosting

    Nexans installed heating cables measuring over 258,000m2 for the car park entrance ramp of the national Olympic stadium, and over 80,000m2 for the water lines feeding the Olympic swimming pool in Beijing.

  • Singapore

    Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Singapore

    Advanced communication network

    Nexans’ LANmark-6 cabling solutions and LANsense management system have been selected for the internal network of Changi Airport Terminal 3, one of the world’s top rated international airports.

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  • Australia

    Brisbane Airport – Brisbane, Australia

    Two tunnels for even greater safety

    Cables totalling 1,100 km, which include Alsecure® Premium fire-resistant cables that feature Nexans’ innovative Ceramifiable® insulation technology, will be installed in the new access road tunnels to the Brisbane airport in Queensland.

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  • Brazil

    Parque da Dona Lindu – Recife, Brazil

    Fire-resistant cables

    Nexans has installed its fire-resistant and flame-resistant cables in the buildings of the Dona Lindu Park in the Setubal district, south of Recife. The park was designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.