Nexans building innovation

Solutions to meet every need

Nexans cables distribute electrical power to control many automated systems such as elevators, escalators, air conditioning and safety systems. They transmit digital data, images and sound over Local Area Networks (LANs). They provide high efficiency radiating solutions for heating. They contribute to the sustainable performance of photovoltaic installations.

Contributing to sustainable buildings

Nexans minimizes the environmental footprint of its cables throughout their lifecycle by optimizing the design and manufacturing process to save raw materials and energy, eliminating hazardous materials, facilitating the work of installers and providing cables that are 100% recyclable at end of life.

Optimized and safe operations

Nexans’ cables contribute to the high performance and safety operations of buildings and their communication networks with leading-edge solutions in terms of strength, durability, energy efficiency, fire performance and ultra-high speed.


    3 wires pre-assembled with a hand-peelable jacket, ready to be installed inside a cable tray or duct. 3 times less space, 50% less time.
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  • INFIT™

    this new patented technology ensures the integrity of cable insulation during a fire.
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    fire-resistant and flame-resistant cables that release 60% less heat during a fire.
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