Nexans SHIPLINK® cable solutions help Meyer Werft enhance the passenger cruise experience

After a past slowdown of new-builds, the cruise ship industry has suddenly sprung back to life, driven by new markets (like Asia) and passenger demands for a safer, richer, more satisfying travel experience where comfort and entertainment are prime demands. Growing expectations depend on high-performance cable solutions, components, co-engineering and services drawing on Nexans’ long-established marine expertise.

Luxury liners launch a new era

This new burst of development coincides with increased efforts to improve safety, operational efficiency, fuel economy, and above all, amenities for passengers. In fact, a new generation of Quantum-class cruise ships are causing a paradigm change in shipbuilding, with many of the innovations made possible by advanced cable solutions from Nexans.
Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas, the world’s third largest luxury cruise liner, built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, set sail in April with Nexans advanced SHIPLINK® cables on board. More recently, in mid-October, the Norwegian Escape, a Breakaway Plus class ship constructed by the same shipyard, also made its maiden voyage, equipped with high-performance Nexans cables covering every vital onboard function and need.

Floating wired worlds 

Both vessels have been called “wired worlds”, with cables playing a connecting role between motors and electrical components and equipment of all kinds. Apart from operational infrastructure, these ships boast gadgets to enliven the travel experience: like bionic bartenders, wall-to-wall touch screens, fast Wi-Fi, and “sea view” filmed in real time and projected onto high-definition screens the size of balcony windows.
There are also amusement rides, techno gyms, and multimedia spectaculars. All of these diverse service offerings depend on a complex array of power and data cables, often based on our expertise in transportation and the world of telecommunications. 

Nexans SHIPLINK® cable solutions

Of course, the ultimate concern for cruise ship operators is operational efficiency and passenger and crew safety. The infrastructural backbone of safety at sea are Nexans low and medium-voltage power cables and instrumentation cables which meet strict safety requirements.
More specifically Nexans has developed over the last years various solutions designed with advanced materials which can withstand mechanical shocks, water jets, and continue to operate during a fire. The cables supplied to Meyer Werft and other shipbuilders are halogen-free, fire-retardant, exhibiting low smoke and toxic gas emission under emergency conditions.


Eco-efficiency is also a growing concern among naval architects and shipbuilders. Onboard energy consumption has been analyzed and solutions found, which mean that the two new cruise ships will be about 20% more fuel-efficient than most previous models. To meet this challenge, Nexans offers a flexible range of cables for Variable Frequency Drive systems to improve the performance of pod propulsion systems, thrusters, winches, lifts and drives.
And for all essential shipboard functions, it also produces fiber optic cables, LAN cables, coaxial and fieldbus cables. Hybrid ship-to-shore cables significantly reduce local pollution levels by providing power and data capacity while berthing in harbors and megaports.

Life-cycle support and services

Nexans operates as a full-service supplier, not just a producer. We manage our supply chain completely, often coordinating the work of 40-50 other suppliers, while assuring consistent quality and variable delivery logistics. Not only do we deliver just-in-time to shipyards around the world, we take into account inevitable ship modifications by sequencing deliveries in-order, so that customers can receive cables in the right sequence during production.
Our goals include zero-tolerance on quality and quantity, fast response worldwide, and full international qualification.