“Love House of Hope”: discover the engagement of the volunteers and their actions in Korea!

Ji-Eun SONGBeside the 6th Call for projects (running from January 22nd to April 10, 2018) we are pleased to continue to give you news of ongoing missions supported by the Nexans Foundation.

“Love House of Hope” is an association that helps people who are unable to fix their house due to poverty. By repairing houses for free, including replacement of old cabling, heating devices or lights, they can help them fight against energy poverty and have a better live.

Last December, Ji-Eun SONG, Nexans Korea Communication Manager, met the NGO “Love House of Hope” and give us all the information we need to better understand why their project was selected by the Nexans Foundation Selection Committee last May 2017!

Please take time to read this very interesting interview and keep in mind that we are all a Nexans Foundation ambassador, so let’s talk about it. We can sponsor and support new projects.

founder of Love House of Hope

Deok-geun YANG, a founder of Love House of Hope

Let’s make this 6th call for projects a great success!

In 2017, Call for projects, Korean NGO ‘Love House of Hope’ was selected for the first time.

NGO ‘Love House of Hope’ is a volunteer group devoted to house repairs, established in 2002. Last year, the organization was funded by Nexans Foundation, to supply cables and accessories which is essential for the electrical work in the house.

On December 19, Nexans Korea visited its office and participated in warehouse clean-up which was the last volunteer work for the year and had a talk with Deok-Geun YANG, a founder of the organization.


1. Could you please briefly introduce Love House of Hope?

Love House of Hope

The signboard of Love House of Hope made of 5,000 photos of volunteer works

Love House of Hope is a volunteer group dedicated to improving residential environment of our neighbors in needs by providing free house repair service and material support. There are 300 volunteers, 500 social workers, and 8,000 members are registered in the internet community. Every week, many people from all walks of life participated in voluntary work, and so far, around 5,000 houses had been overhauled and repaired.

2. What made you decide to establish this organization and why it was founded for?

It started as a hobby. Since I was little, I just always liked fixing things. Working at a building material manufacturer also had an influence on me. After finishing my studies in the US, I brought all kinds of repair tools on my way back to home, and repaired houses in the neighborhood at my leisure. This paved the way for me to establish this organization. I got involved in the voluntary works after leaving the company. As the size of the organization got bigger and sponsors grew, I came to officially establish a non-profit organization.

Above all, I wanted to touch the heart of our neighbors in need through fixing up their houses. I couldn’t be happier for the people who received our help could see the world in a more positive way. I hope they feel sincerely grateful for what they had and shaking off their complaints about society. Don’t you think our society would change for the better if the people who are frustrated with the community start liking it?

3. Where the focus is made in house repair works?

The number one priority is a heat insulation work. Our primary goal is to make a warm house without heating system. We break the wind with the double windows and use the infrared camera to locate exactly where the wind enters the house, and then add insulation to its wall. Second is to make a house that is safe and healthy. We replace old cables with new ones to prevent fire and put a fan in the kitchen to vent the smoke from the room.

house repair work
Before(left) and after(right) house repair work: wall & floor are newly papered, electrical work and heat insulation work are done.

On top of that, we provide household items such as electric appliances, blankets, rice, etc. This year we provided hot water pad instead of briquettes for elderly people who live on the bitterly cold room only to save the heating costs. Now they are very happy to be in the warmth while saving the heating cost as well as electricity charges.

4. How you came to participate in ‘Call for Projects’ of Nexans Foundation?

In fact, we were once supported cables by Nexans Korea back in 2013, and this led us to participate in 2017’s Call for Projects. Back then, there was a deluge of requests for house repair, so we were sponsored many building materials from companies, except for the cables. We got in touch with Nexans Korea while reaching out to several cable companies, and thankful enough we were donated three years’ worth of cables.

This year, we contacted Nexans Korea once again to request another cable support and this time we were introduced ‘Call for Projects’ initiated by Nexans Foundation. Luckily we were selected and sponsored again.

5. When the project sponsored by Nexans Foundation begins?


A volunteer is installing cables sponsored by Nexans Foundation

We have been using cables and accessories bought with the funds supported by Nexans Foundation all this year. The electrical work is an essential part of the house repair. In most case, the houses we volunteer are old and shabby. So, every time we replace with new cables to prevent shocks and fires. Also, we provide accessories such as connectors, circuit breaker, switch for safe use.

6. What do you expect from Nexans Foundation in the future?

At first, I was worried because Nexans Foundation might have questioned about the reason for our application for ‘Call for Projects’, because Korea is known to be an advanced country. Fortunately, we were selected and rather thankful for being asked whether the amount of funding was too small for us. Hopefully we can be sponsored in the years to come and we will always use it fairly and transparently as needed.

Deok-geun YANG concluded the interview by expressing his ambition for Love House of Hope to be the strong voluntary group which lasts for over 100 years.



Nexans Korea Communication Manager