Cable Data Conference promotes energy savings and efficiency

Digital brains

There are a half million Data Centers (DCs) worldwide, occupying an area half the size of Manhattan. To meet their infrastructure challenges, Nexans recently organized a “Data Center Cabling Evolution for Energy Savings and Efficiencies” at Paris’s prestigious Musée des arts et métiers.”

Unique encounter

Data Center conferences are common today, but this one was unique since it dealt with the vital role cables play in safeguarding and rendering more efficient a service industry which is obliged to renew its servers every few years, and for whom energy represents a whopping 10% of total cost-of-ownership.

Optimizing performance

Following “Smarter Grids” in 2012, this is the fourth conference hosted by Nexans in Paris’s “Museum of Innovation.” It brought together customers, industrialists, consultants, engineers and DC managers to explore cabling solutions for an environment whose power densities can be 100 times that of a typical office building. Also, Data Centers consume 3% of the world’s electricity, and produce 200 million metric tons of CO2. With data traffic slated to increase 30% annually in the coming years, integrated data/energy infrastructures are essential for operational efficiency.

Host of benefits

Rising electricity prices and new hardware are soon likely to cost the world industry +$60 billion. The Conference stressed the need for effective cabling solutions that connect all of the various subsystems to optimize performance. Nexans experts argued that instead of leaving the choice of cabling infrastructures as an afterthought, cables should be at the heart of initial DC design. The benefits are faster deployment, more efficient energy use, higher transmission quality, enhanced fire-safety, outstanding service continuity, easy migration, and transparent network management.