New medium-voltage power cable sheds costly weight

Watertight and light

Our new Axclight TT 12-36 kV XLPE underground power cable is a three-core cable with circular aluminum conductors. The screen consisting of CCA (aluminum wire with a corrosion-protective layer of copper) also makes the cable significantly lighter than previous versions.

Customer focused

Axclight TT is a cable that is often used for buried distribution networks. Water seepage poses the major threat to underground cables. The plastic-coated aluminum foil resolves this problem. But this was only one of the requirements, and they had to be met without increasing cable weight and cost.

Nordic challenge

We needed to satisfy almost contradictory characteristics: the cable had to be watertight, robust, and easy to handle and install. Our Swedish climate is a real challenge for underground cables. Not only must they withstand -20°C temperatures, they have to survive in tough terrain, and be adaptable elsewhere in the world. Moreover, most customers demand absolute water tightness. In 2012, a project group was set up to create a better design that could outperform traditional buried MV cables. A year later, it was launched on the market as Axclight TT.

Design optimization

To make the cable resistant, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) was chosen for the outer sheath. However, it makes the cable harder to handle. So, we chose to make the screen out of CCA, which makes the cable lighter. A circular shape facilitates plowing and pushing. For easier stripping, we designed the cable to fit the standard installation tools preferred by our customers. After positive field trials, the cable was launched in Sweden and Finland in September 2013. It has been very well received on the market, with over 150 km of Axclight TT now delivered.