Electrifying power line communication conference

Think tank

As a founding member of the G3-PLC Alliance (G3 is a new standard in Power Line Communication), Nexans recently organized a one-day conference at the musée des arts et métiers in Paris for 120 people from 45 companies (operators, manufacturers, academics and researchers) to find new ways to improve grid performance.

Seamless upgrades

Easily implemented on existing infrastructure, our MV power line couplers and voltage/current sensors allow existing grids to be easily upgraded to “smart grids,” offering real-time status monitoring, automatic meter reading, efficient street lighting, and charging and energy management for electric vehicles. 

Extended partnerships

Developed with chipset and meter manufacturers, Information System providers and power utilities, our smart-grid solutions add a new string to our bow. For example, in Donchery, we acquired new skills in electronics, communication protocols and sensors that put us at the forefront of innovation in these new fields. The Conference was an official première, presenting a new set of products and services to a select audience. After exploring various technical questions, it ended with a round-table on PLC for Smarter Grids: “stakes and prospects.”

Energy, electronics + telecom

At the crossroads of energy, electronics and telecom, Nexans is creating  a whole new set of solutions to make today’s grid smarter, thus meeting the growing needs of all market players. Not only have we diversified our product range, we have moved up the value chain, and created an avant-garde image for the Group internationally. Enhanced two-way communications for power lines will enable our customers to cope with new sources of renewable energy, serve EV customers better, meet carbon reduction goals and achieve energy savings.