ICEFLEX® stands up to anything

As global warming opens new Arctic routes to cargo, oil and gas extraction is taking place in increasingly colder climates. This means that supply vessels for offshore platforms and cargo must be able to resist extreme temperatures. Cables with conventional insulation become stiff and brittle in intense cold. To address this problem, Nexans has developed ICEFLEX®, featuring special materials that allow the cable to stay flexible at low temperatures.

Intended for use in a wide variety of shipboard and offshore/onshore applications, these cables remain highly flexible at temperatures as low as –50°C, while ensuring advanced fire performance.

ICEFLEX® adheres to all current environmental and safety standards, and the cable is able to operate reliably in extreme conditions (cold, storms).
Certified by Lloyds Register, ICEFLEX® is also mechanically tough, which makes it resistant to atmospheric agents (ozone, UV, heat radiation, etc.) and deterioration from oil, chemicals, heat and extreme weather.