DATAGREEN®: a featherweight data cable

Traditionally, signal cables are made of pure copper and larger cross-sections was used than were needed to achieve high tensile strength for safe pulling and installation. By substituting a new alloy for copper, compact DATAGREEN® meets the same requirements, but reduces cable volume by 25%, cuts weight by 50%, increases tensile strength by 20%, and raises temperature resistance to 125°C.

The life cycle assessment shows that the average environmental impact of the manufacturing phase of this cable is approximately 50% less than with standard cable.

DATAGREEN® is used wherever measurement, automatic control or low energy is needed: assembly-line robots, electronic devices, automotives, rolling stock, shipbuilding, energy-efficient office/shop/street illumination, and airport runway lights.

Environmental impact fo DATAGREEN cables

Comparison of the environmental impact of DATAGREEN® and standard cables