2005 Annual Report

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2006 Interactive annual report The 2005 annual report is available in a new interactive format. You can flick through it, one page after another by clicking on the bottom corners or by using the -> and <-  keys of your keyboard.

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Download the different chapters in PDF

Nexans HarnessesDownload the different chapters (in PDF format) of the 2005 Annual Report.

Introduction (PDF: 430 KB)

The Executive Committee
Interview with the Chairman

Promises kept (PDF: 127 KB)

Corporate governance
Key figures
The Nexans share

Our activities (PDF: 71 KB)

Results by business
Results by geographical area: Europe
Results by geographical area: North America
Results by geographical area: Asia
Results by geographical area: Rest of the World

Continuous improvement and responsibilities (PDF: 65 KB)

Better satisfy our customers
Value and support our employees
Design better, produce better

Financial and legal information (PDF: 744 KB)

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June 29th, 2006: Additional information to the Annual Report 2005(PDF: 124 KB)

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