Nexans’ Scientific Committee bridges business and academe

Sustainable research

In an evolving society (energy efficiency, digitalization, disruptive technologies) Nexans needs resources to respond to new dynamics. The Scientific Committee (SC) challenges conventional thinking, bridging the gap between practical business concerns and valuable academic research.

Global Science Management System

The SC explores in a structured manner new ways to improve the excellence of core competencies. It develops comprehensive scientific roadmaps for Nexans’ future, and promotes collaboration and partnerships to explore technological solutions that respond to new market realities.

Innovation roadmaps

The SC is headed by a Nexans Technical VP and a Scientific Director, supported by technical and marketing experts. Distinguished external academics include Prof. Jean-Pierre Chevalier for metallurgy, and Prof. Jacques Lewiner for electro-technologies; both are teachers, innovators and patent holders. The SC’s roadmap approach includes: identifying knowledge clusters and marketing opportunities; tracking trends; developing strategic objectives and projects; balancing Business “Pull” and Technology “Push”; creating a network of experts (internal and external); inputting latest scientific knowhow, and promoting communications.

Mutual profitability

The SC calls on the scientific community to focus on our practical technological needs and feed us with the resources, theory, paradigms and breakthroughs we require to produce superior cable solutions. In return, we keep them plugged into the real world of hands-on industrial cable production, often commissioning scientific research in areas consistent with our aims and strategies. By acting as a go-between for both parties, the SC ensures that Nexans will always have at its disposal the latest scientific discoveries to enrich cable development, and academics will have a ringside seat in the cable industry to stimulate research.