Keeping ballast water ship-shape

Protecting ecosystems

This 3.3 kV UV-lamp cable is used for ballast water-treatment (BWT) systems which are mandatory to protect marine ecosystems against foreign aquatic organisms. It offers flexibility, excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics, easy installation and system compatibility.

Market growth

Demand for BWT systems has grown rapidly since the UN’s International Maritime Organization mandated that all new ships from 2012 and all ships operating on the sea from 2017 have a ballast water-treatment system. This market is expected to grow by 62% between 2009–20.

Classification gauntlet

A major Korean shipyard asked us to develop a new cable for shipboard sewage disinfection for filters and UV sterilization. Demands included high flexibility, flame retardancy, good dielectric constant, etc. Our biggest challenge was standardizing a new category of cable for eight classification approvals. For example, we had to develop an improved flame-retardant silicone rubber that would pass aging tests, while providing control work for marine classification societies who were unfamiliar with UV lamp cables. It successfully met all requirements: DNV, ABS, RINA, BV, GR, LR, NK, and KR.

Mutually beneficial

The cable creates a win-win situation for Nexans Kukdong and our customer who are now able to obtain optimized, high-quality UV-lamp cables in stable quantities. We also received development support from our customer, including approval costs, and formulated a pricing/delivery framework which was mutually beneficial. We were recognized for our high-level cable technology and our ability to deliver a new product and have it qualified in record time by eight very demanding classification societies. This innovation gives us an excellent opening into a new market and enhances our image with our best Korean partner.