Construction of the Newest Extra High Voltage Plant in North America has reached a pivotal stage with the construction of the Tower

The construction of a 427 foot (130 m) tower for the Nexans Extra High Voltage plant in South Carolina is now complete.

Construction of the vertical continuous vulcanization (VCV) tower, which will house the triple extrusion process, began on Monday, January 7th. This was a non-stop 24/7 operation for 20 days.  Each hour concrete was delivered  for a total of approximately 8,000 cubic yards (6,000 m3) for the slip pour.

The Tower is the hub of the extrusion process and pivotal for the entire operation. This milestone is the first step towards the completion of our state of the art operation by 2014.

"The commitment of $85 million toward the construction of our newest extra high voltage plant in South Carolina demonstrates Nexans’ position in the fast growing North American market,” Fréderic Michelland, Senior Corporate Executive Vice President, High-Voltage and Underwater Cables Business Group, and North America and South America Areas.

Please take a moment to view our recent film montage showing the process of this innovative advancement in the construction of our South Carolina plant.


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