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LV/MV power control and instrumentation IEC

  • Fire-resistance: they can function for longer periods of time (up to 3h) and pass higher fire temperature tests (up to 1000° C) with water spray
  • High durability for rough seas and severe climatic conditions & ultra-cold cable operability
  • Easy installation through high flexibility, light weight, convenient strippability and handy pulling

HV power cables and accessories

  • Broad experience in HV cables and accessories (terminations, etc.)
  • Advanced design and technology, including customized solutions
  • Support in design, installation and commissioning

Offshore Bridles and Over Water Umbilicals

Each offshore bridle system presents unique engineering challenges that require experienced, innovative thinking to deliver a connecting apparatus that provides reliable service in extremely harsh, dynamic operating environments.

ICEFLEX® cables

Ultra-cold cable that meets the arctic challenge. It is the first oil & gas cable on the market qualified for extremely low temperatures in accordance with NEK606 and IEC60092-350.

Variable Frequency Drive cables

Nexans’ VFD cables are designed to improve EMC protection and the operating performance of variable frequency drive systems used with bow and side thrusters, movable pod propulsion systems, winches, top drives, lifts and motors on platforms, drilling ships and FPSOs.

GEXOL® IEEE 1580 Power, Control and Instrumentation (LV)

Gexol® World Class Oil & Gas Cables are the industry’s standard for premium power, control and instrumentation performance.

Data cables

High-speed transmission, flame-retardant, fire-resistant, UV- and mud-resistant cables

Service loops

Nexans offers a standard line of loop packages for the leading global top drive manufacturers. For unusual operations, such as deep water offshore drilling, Nexans provides custom designs that deliver longer service life and higher drilling productivity.