High Temperature Lo-Sag OHL conductors reinforce National Grid (UK)

OHL National Grid

Project description:

National Grid, the largest UK TSO, is currently defining an internal specification for High Temperature Lo-Sag (HTLS) solutions, through qualification procedures and type approval.

Customer challenges:

  • Initial definition, as no TSO specifications exist in the UK for such innovative conductors
  • Upgrading existing OHL, without reinforcing actual infrastructures, to support higher ampacity lines and lower noise options than currently available, are the main goals of National Grid 
  • Define installation criteria and train National Grid teams on complete system handling/usage

Nexans solutions:

  • Nexans proposes a State-of-the-Art  ACPR Lo-Sag composite core OHL solution
  • This solution upgrades the existing infrastructure and supports higher ampacity lines and lower noise as required by National Grid, thanks to the PLUS technology
  • PLUS technology treatment has no adverse effect on the aluminum wires, they remain easy to connect and have a long lasting durability over time.
  • It maximizes existing infrastructure and reduces TCO
  • Qualification followed by live line trial and Type Registration