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The nuclear island

  • LV/MV energy cables
  • Control cables
  • Instrumentation / sensor cables
  • Control room cables

The conventional island

  • LV XLPE cables and connectivity
  • Fire-retardant and fire-resistant cables
  • Control/instrumentation/sensor cables
  • Access-control cables

Balance of plant (bop)

  • MV XLPE cables for ducts and tunnels
  • LV building cables
  • Advanced LANs/WANs
  • Active equipment for copper and fiber-based networks
  • Bus/Profibus/Profinet cables
  • Public address cables

Grid infrastructure

  • HV and VHV XLPE cables (60 to 500 kV)
  • HV/MV joints and terminations
  • ITER: new fusion reactors will limit radioactive waste